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 Posting rules

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PostSubject: Posting rules   Sun Jan 04, 2009 7:20 pm

ok so the following are the rules for posting AT ALL TIMES.

1. No excessive use of foul language.

2. No offending other members continuously for no reason or for a dumb reason.

3. Do not post anything referring to anything to do with adult shows (pornography, etc.).

4. Do not spam the shout box or any of the posting categories with smilies, unimportant information, etc.

5. Do not post anything breaking Konami's ToS.

New rules WILL be added without notice in the future.

Punishments are as follows...

1. First offense: 15 minute ban
2. Second offense: 1 hour ban
3. Third offense: 24 hour ban
4. Fourth offense: 1 week ban
5. Fifth offense: Complete ban, (banned forever)
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Posting rules
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